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About us
About us

The 1st Project

Public Union for Social Welfare and Reserach has implemented the project entitled “Azerbaijan’s media in the period of transition to market relations” at the expense ( at the 1st quarter of 2006-2007) of the members of organization.

The implementation of this project has stimulated the role of journalism in the economic processes in Azerbaijan. Our researches on the formulation of Media Economy in Azerbaijan, shareholding of the media, the exisitng problems of advertising market and public responsibility in the internet have been published in the newspapers (“525-GAZETI” and other) and placed at internet portals.

The 2nd project:

The Public Union for Social Welfare and Reserach (August-December 2008) implemented the  project entitled “Civil Code of Conduct for Journalists in voting systems” at the expense of the grant provided by the Council of State Support to NGOs under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Within the scope of the project a public inquiry was carried out with a view to studying the media-society relations,  a seminar was arranged for Journalists, as well as a book entitled “Code of ethics of a journalist & media–society relations” published.

The 3rd project:

The project (April 1-August1 2010) entitled “Research of Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict and convey the truth to the international community” of the Public Union for Social Welfare and Reserach implemented at the expense of the grant provided by the Council of State Support to NGOs under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and within the framework of the project the Internet site both in Azerbaijani and English languages have been prepared. The materials completes each other and are daily updated. The information about the history, culture, people of Karabakh, conflict and Guba cemetery will also be placed on the page. The It is also envisaged to collect the information containing the materials regarding the past and today of Nagorno Garabagh. Today, there is a necessity for an  objective research of the Nagorno-Karabakh problem considered one of the most painful and outstanding issues of Azerbaijan and genocides committed by armenians against azerbaijanis, reveal the truth as a result of a scientific approach. Karabakh problem in the world, sufficient dissemination of the information about the true owners of these territories, the reasons of generation of the conflict will “unmask” the true face of armenians. In elimination of such a serious problem there is a necessity of research this area by NGO with the participation of historians and deliver the obtained scientific findings to the international community. Despite that these works are conducted by other authorities, various books have been published. The observations show that the issue related to Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and dissemination of information about Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict should be carried out continuosly. Mr.Islam Zeynalov, professor of the history of science of Azerbaijan State University of Languages represented in our organization has conducted serious research about the Guba cemetery and these scientific findings will help to unmask the reality and true face of armenians. We’d like to remind that the provision of the international community with the information concerning a Guba cemetery is insufficient.

Within the scope of this project along with the conduct of well-considered advocacy awareness raising works we will accelerate the dissemination of facts about a Guba cemetery. The soft version of several books, various truth, and photos containing historical moments will be placed at the site. Today, it is impossible to pursuade the world community in Karabakh problem by employing the most reasonable scientific approach and sound logic rather than emotions and quarrels. Our activity will be based on the science and logic. And this is one of the positive expectations. We ask the citizens of Azerbaijan to contact us for placecment of photos about the nature, culture, historial monuments of Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as art workers and scientists to place their works on the internet. We place high importance on scientific research, jouralist investigations on several topics.

For this please contact us via the following e-mail address.

The information sources we referred to at our web page:



The Council of State Support to Non-Governmental Organizations under the  President of the Republic of Azerbaijan






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